Global Lady Expo

Attendee's Profiles

Women entrepreneurs and business owners

  • Founders and CEOs of women-led companies
  • Small business owners and startups
  • Women looking to start or grow their own ventures

Corporate professionals and executives

  • Women in leadership roles across various industries
  • HR professionals focusing on diversity and inclusion
  • Corporate representatives looking to support women’s empowerment

Influencers and thought leaders

  • Women’s empowerment advocates and activists
  • Bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers in the women’s lifestyle space
  • Journalists and media professionals covering women’s issues

Consumers and enthusiasts

  • Women interested in discovering new products and services
  • Fashion, beauty, and wellness enthusiasts
  • Brides-to-be and wedding planning enthusiasts

Students and young professionals

  • University and college students interested in women’s issues
  • Recent graduates seeking career opportunities and mentorship
  • Young women looking to network and build professional connections

Non-profit and government representatives

  • Representatives from women’s organizations and charities
  • Government officials and policymakers focused on women’s issues
  • International organizations promoting gender equality

Investors and financial institutions

  • Angel investors and venture capitalists interested in women-led businesses
  • Banks and financial institutions offering products and services tailored to women
  • Crowdfunding platforms supporting women entrepreneurs